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Cycling (E bike) trip to Goriška Brda, 1 day 

Duration: 1 day

When: every SATURDAY from 1st June – 30th October 2020 

What will impress you
1. Electric trekking bikes (Scott Sub Cross) for the rolling Goriška Brda.
2. Secrets about wine, the way it is processed, working in the vines and in the cellar.
3. Dobrovo Castle, medieval Šmartno and lookout tower.

Don't miss:
1. Departure: 8.00 in front of the old locomotive at the railway station in Nova Gorica.
2. Roads and paths: 90% asphalt, 10% macadam. Cc. 42 km, 850 m ascent.
3. Free parking at the railway station in Nova Gorica.
4. Price: 2 - 3 persons: 62 EUR / person 4 - 6 persons: 46 EUR / person 7 - 10 persons: 33 EUR / person

We meet at 8.00 at the railway station in Nova Gorica, in front of the old locomotive. We install and adjust the bikes. We
start cycling across the centre of Nova Gorica and Solkan to the emerald Soča river. The next 9 kilometres we will cycle
along the beautiful Soča river, then we will ascend to Brda. With an electric bike, it won't be very tiring, and the rest of us
will sweat a little. We will surround the Brda hills, the land of invigorating moments, enjoying breath-taking views of the
Alps, the sea and the fertile, rolling hills. We will drive along remote paths, see Dobrovo, Šmartno, Biljana and more. We
will take time for lunch and for wine tasting of excellent wine. We will hear many local stories. In the afternoon we
descend back to Nova Gorica, where we end our trip at the train station. Surprise is included.

Price: 2 - 3 persons 62 EUR / person 4 - 6 persons: 46 EUR / person 7 - 10 persons: 33 EUR per person
The price includes: welcome drink, guided cycling trip to Goriška Brda, rent-a-trekking bike.
Optional extra charge: electric bike 19 EUR, child seat 9 EUR, lunch from 15 EUR, drinks at lunch, cellar tour and wine
tasting from 12 EUR.
Duration and difficulty: cycling 6h - 7h active / with E bike leisurely. Cc. 42 km, 850 m ascent.


Exploremore d.o.o.
Ul. Gradnikove brigade 6
5000 Nova Gorica


Cycling Holidays by Exploremore
M +386 30 374 910

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