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Is hidden pearl in the middle of Europe, with only 2 million people and the size of Tuscany in Italy or Wales in UK. It’s a part of the European Union, so there’s no need to change over your euros and  everyone speaks English. SLOVEnia is mountains on west, flat on east, hilly in the middle and it goes deep  underground in worldwide famous caves. Surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, the country has  also very nice beaches on Adriatic, as well as many rivers, Alpine lakes, snow-capped peaks, bustling cities,  castles and medieval towns on the coastline. It’s still largely undiscovered by mainstream tourism too.  Slovenia is among safest countries in the world and the tap water is safe to drink.  

Cycling holidays in Slovenia promise rides through the majestic Alps with their glacial valleys, rivers, and lakes,  passing lonely villages and picturesque landscape, offering stunning views. Pedal through luscious forests to  meet some wildlife, visit mysterious caves, and stop for a dip in the warm Adriatic. Bled and  Ljubljana feature spectacular castles and a captivating culture. Gardening is often Slovenian lifestyle, so eating  local and fresh food is not something particular.  
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From Alps and Soča valley to Adriatic sea, 8 days

Three different countries, two totally diverse climates in seven days. The roads wind through soaring peaks, traversing emerald-green valleys and following paved rail trails through dense forests, past glimmering lakes, lead through romantic vineyards, olive and lavender fields into medieval towns on the Adriatic coast. This exhilarating itinerary leads us into the breathtaking alpine & sea vistas of three countries.
We have chosen the nicest roads passing dramatic mountain passes and valleys and charming paths traversing rivers, fields and vineyards. You do not need to think about the directions, we have chosen them for you, to show you the most impressive views in a most possible short time, on our way from Alps to the Sea. While we are travelling, we are going to experience a rich culture of three countries, sampling local wine while visiting vine cellars and farm-fresh cuisine. Since we are always cycling in a small group, we can afford to stay in small boutique Hotels or lovely guesthouses, where we can have the opportunity to have a chat or a toast after the dinner with the owners. We cycle, we discover, we walk, we taste, we eat good... perfect for our body and soul.
Day 1: Arrival to Bled
Day 2: Bled - Radovna valley - Kranjska Gora / Podkoren. Distance: 40 km.
Day 3: Kranjska Gora / Podkoren – Vršič / Predil – Bovec. Distance: 45 km.
Day 4: Bovec
Day 5: Bovec – Most Na Soči – Goriška Brda. Distance: 52 km.
Day 6: Goriška Brda – Nova Gorica – Štanjel – Sežana. Distance: 40 km.
Day 7: Sežana - Koper / Izola / Piran. Distance: 42 / 48 / 55 km.
Day 8: Koper / Izola / Piran

Extension of the Holidays in Poreč or Rovinj is possible. Please contact us for the detailed itinerary and other information: 


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